Patrick McDonough is best known for his accessible, vernacularly-styled interventions into a variety of municipal, cultural and public contexts.  

His well known Awning Studies series, inspired by rowhouse architecture, has been awarded grants from the DC Commission on Art and Humanities and Washington Project for the Arts, and been installed in the Trinidad neighborhood of DC, Marvin Gaye Park, and Socrates Sculpture Park.  A participant in the inaugural 2012 5x5 public art initiative in Washington, he has gone on to collaborate with municipal organizations in Arlington, VA, Fairfax County, VA and Miami, FL. 

In 2013 he produced his solo museum debut, 'brightveridiansentinelevents', at the American University Museum.  Most recently he collaborated with FURTHERMORE on "Intersection Mixtape", a part of the Crossing the Streets initiative of the DC Office of Planning.

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Having taught at a variety of institutions, McDonough is currently a public high school teacher and adjunct professor in and around Washington DC