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Olivia Tripp Morrow studied at Syracuse University, graduating cum laude with a BFA in Sculpture in December of 2012. Her most recent works are video and sculptural installations inspired by themes of the body, memory, and identity, as well as feminism and sexuality. Morrow's sculptures and installations utilize donated women's clothing and undergarments, which are deconstructed in order to create a new palette of materials. This process re-contextualizes any personal histories associated with the clothing and undergarments, thus creating a new narrative. Morrow's intention is to shift the current paradigm that confines women to a specific set of sociocultural expectations and limitations, and to empower community members to re-examine their role within this paradigm. 

 Morrow is inspired by Feminist artists of the 1960’s and 70’s, whose work addressed a range of issues faced by women in the art world, and in society as a whole. Many of these problems persist today, as is evident by the contemporary social and political climate which finds women still fighting for equal compensation, the elimination of the glass ceiling, and working to combat the systemic oppression by legislation that attempts to dictate personal and private health decisions that a woman may make about her body.