Pigmental studios

PIGMENTAL ANIMATION is a development company specializing in creating brandable, franchisable animated content with defined multiple revenue mediums and purpose. They recently opened up an animation headquarters at Gallaudet University. This partnership will bring a new animation major to the academic program, apprenticeship opportunities for local artists, and a new film market to the Washington DC area.

Marina Martins, a Portuguese citizen, was born in Tanzania, East Africa where her father was stationed with Barclays Bank. Her exposure to emerging economies and cultures was a formative part of her growth and set a firm base for humanitarian interest. During her college years in London, England, Marina studied Philosophy and Physics at Bedford College. At that time, and for the next ten years she was privileged to have the opportunity for frequent and immersive travel and exposure to Europe, the Near and Middle East, Asia, the Far East, Australia and Europe.


In 1981, she took her talents to the United Arab Emirates. Here, her very lucrative business included an advertising agency, a graphic arts studio and a retail enterprise. Marinawrote for various magazines and had articles written about her business experiences as a unique women, at a very young age, succeeding in an Arab entrepreneurial environment. Guided by a passion inflamed by the theatrical stage in London, Marina wrote, directed and produced for stage in the local area.

Desiring a more permanent format for her art, Marina closed shop in the Middle East and began her film career in Los Angeles in 1987. She studied film at UCLA and other established schools, taking extension and various other courses to round out her theoretical film education. Her "on the set" practical experience covers fifteen years of almost continuous set work covering each film production department, strategically designed to enhance her knowledge and experience of filmmaking.